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Pecors Power – Serpent River

Pecors Power is proposing to develop a 2 MW Installed Capacity (IC) hydroelectric waterpower facility on the Serpent River, between Whiskey Lake and Pecors Lake.   With limiting seasonal flows waterpower generally produces 50% of IC, therefore, this project will more likely produce 1 MW of power.

Details of the Proposal, and electronic files of the Notice of Commencement, Project Description and public consultation plan are available for download below.

This undertaking is being assessed under the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects (April 2012) planning process.  As part of the environmental assessment planning process, public consultation is intended to allow those with a potential interest in the project to contribute and inform decisions.


The proposed Pecors Power project involves the creation of a 2 MW waterpower facility on the Serpent River, between Pecors Lake and Whiskey Lake, approximately 16 km east of the downtown core of the City of Elliot Lake, Ontario. A dike and overflow weir system, built to a maximum height of 16 metres, will create a headpond to raise water levels in the Serpent River upstream of the facility. Flows from the river will be conveyed through one or two penstocks to a powerhouse located on the north shore (approximately 120 m in-land) of Pecors Lake.  All flows will be returned to the Serpent River via a tailrace canal to a point approximately 260 m upstream of Pecors Lake.

As a run-of-river facility, there will be no manipulation of flows and levels on the Serpent River upstream of the dam after the initial filling of the headpond to an elevation of 306.55 metres above sea level, below Whiskey Lake. Downstream of the Pecors Power GS tailrace, flows and levels will be equivalent to pre-development conditions.

The project’s zone of influence falls between Whiskey Lake and Pecors Lake without extending into either waterbody.

The Pecors Power project will also require the construction of approximately 1 km of new access roads and 14 km of transmission lines.

Studies in support of the EA were conducted along the Serpent River from Pecors Lake extending up to the outlet of Whiskey Lake, as well as terrestrial areas within the proposed headpond, the footprint of built structures and along existing access roads.

View the Notice of Commencement – click here
View the Project Description – click here
View the Public Consultation Plan – click here
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MNR Site: 2CD11
Location:  Elliot Lake
Status:  EA Underway
To register as a stakeholder:  Rick Roberts