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Proposed Allen & Struthers (Wanapitei River) Hydro Electric Project – HIFN to Bradley

April 10th, 2012

The Honourable Jim Bradley
Minister of Environment
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, ON
M7A 2T5

Dear Minister Bradley:


Chief/Council of HENVEY INLET Reserve # 2 & FRENCH RIVER Reserve #13 wish to advise you, that the identified hydro electric
project (above) is on our traditional territory and we do not give consent to proceed. Although traditional territory is made up of common lands held by a collective of Indian reserves under the same Treaty (The 1850 Huron Robinson Treaty) it is clearly  understood by the collective that specified areas are identified as being under the jurisdiction of one Chief/Council (Henvey French River Band).

This specific site would be located just above the Sturgeon Chutes on the Wanapitei River and trespassing on our traditional territory. As the name suggests this has been a spawning habitat for the Lake Sturgeon (SAR) for hundreds of years, our ancestors and still today
our people use the Lake Sturgeon for spiritual, cultural integrity and food.

Henvey Inlet First Nation has never been consulted, or accommodated on this water power project. The Agreement between Xeneca and Canada legally must incorporate the duty to consult. Canada has the responsibility of consultation and this duty cannot be shifted on to the proponent (Xeneca) just to move projects forward. The inherent rights of our people will be compromised if we allow this project to continue, understand that our teachings also value water as Mother Earth’s blood, nourishment to all creation. Also the use and therefore the protection of water by Aboriginal (women) people predates the confederation of Canada.

This same letter will be sent to the Honourable Michael Gravelle, Minister of Natural Resources to state our position regarding the proposed Alien & Struthers Hydro Electric Project.

A letter has already been sent to Patrick Gillette and Mark Holmes of Xeneca Power Development Inc. on September 6th, 2011 to no avail, I would kindly ask your office to acknowledge receipt and further your reply as soon as possible.


Chief M.Wayne McQuabbie
Henvey Inlet/French River First Nation

cc:  Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee, Union of Ontario Indians
Chief Angus Toulouse, (COO) Regional Chief
The Honourable Christopher Bentley MOE,
Xeneca, Uwe Roper CEO, Mark Holmes VP,
John Yakabuski, PC MPP,
Theresa McClennaghan,ED&Counsel, CELA
Casselman, Stephen MNR
Krista Adams MNR Co-ordinator Water Power Projects
Rick Reynen MNR Resource Liaison Officer
Gord Miller Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Vic Fedeli, PC MPP
William A. Allen, Heritage One heritage1
Linda Heron, Chair Ontario Rivers Alliance