Photo by Linda HeronPhoto Credit

River at Risk – Big Eddy on the Petawawa River – Painting by Aleta Karstad

Big Eddy Dobsonflies (oil on canvas 16 x 20 in.)

Aleta KarstadOctober 3 finds me painting the Petawawa River, looking down on the rapids below the railway trestle. I am perched on the abutment of the footbridge that parallels the railway, working on a rather large canvas which I’m holding propped on my lap. I’ve chosen a dark red ochre underpainting because the rocks are of a reddish granite and the water is dark with an occasional green light which will contrast with the red underpainting.  To read Aleta’s notes and purchase her paintings, click here to visit Aleta’s website.

For more information about the Big Eddy – click on this link.