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EBR 012-1120 Invasive Species Act – ORA Submission

Eurasian Milfoil


ORA offers our support on the proposal to enact an Invasive Species Act (Bill 167), and to emphasize the importance of a proactive approach to minimize the possibility of intentional and unintentional introductions of alien and invasive species, and of mitigating the effects of species that have already been introduced.

For the Invasive Species Act to be effective, it is important that this legislation is accompanied by invasive species policies and implementation plans, along with collaboration between the Ontario government, ministries, agencies, municipalities and federal authorities, along with adequate funding, staff and required resources that are dedicated to the successful application of the policies and action plans. It is crucial that invasive species policy be incorporated into all decision-making processes throughout all pertinent government agencies in order to protect the economic, social and ecological integrity within all of Canada. Continue reading

Economic Impact of Waterpower on Crown Land in Ontario – ORA to MNR, Fayak

Excerpt:  “In response to Ontario Rivers Alliance’s (ORA) 19 September 2012 letter regarding our review and comments on the Economic Impact of Waterpower Projects on Crown Lands in Ontario (Report), Minister Gravelle requested that we forward our questions and comments to your attention.

ORA had hoped for a substantive response from the Minister, one that would address our economic, environmental and public health concerns; however, we were very disappointed when none of our concerns were addressed.

Additionally, this flawed Report was presented at the recent Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) conference, The Power of Water, which was not only sponsored by MNR, but to make matters worse, Deputy Minister O’Toole assured the waterpower industry in his closing keynote speech, that “Crown land will be made available to support FIT 2.0 contract offerings, consistent with the government’s Green Energy Act objectives and the Ministry of Natural Resources’ draft Renewable Energy on Crown Land policy.”[1]  This, despite the fact that the EBR posting had only just closed 10 days prior to this conference, and was not yet officially finalized and released.  No such assurance should have been given without the completion of a thorough analysis of all the implications (both positive and negative). The Fraser Institute, Ontario’s Auditor General, and other experts, also question the wisdom of moving forward with additional power generation development at this time.”

[1] OWA 30 October 2012 Press Release – The Power of Water Conference