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Study Reveals Serious Potential for Heavy Metal Release from Hydro Facilities


Posted 8 March 2014

A recent study indicates that peaking facilities have serious potential to damage freshwater ecosystems, particularly in areas with heavy metal deposits from mining and industrial developments.  Based on the study, researcher Erik Szkokan-Emilson advised ORA in their preparation of a Part II Order request to the Minister of Environment regarding a proposed modified peaking hydroelectric facility at Wabagishik Rapids on the Vermilion River. Continue reading

Proposed Wabagishik Rapids GS – Part II Order Request – Submission to Minister Bradley

Wabagishik Rapids – Vermilion River


“Our concerns have not been alleviated by Xeneca’s response; in fact they are heightened as a result of their continued insistence that studies were completed when clearly they were not.  As a result of this, one has to wonder what else they are not telling us.  What will happen when a company like this takes over a large 20 to 30 km section of lake and river that local stakeholders and aquatic life rely on – all to produce approximately 1.7 MW of power.  Xeneca’s behaviour does nothing but erode our trust and confidence even further. Continue reading

Potential Hydroelectric Dam at Cedar Rapids, Vermilion River

A company named WaterPower Group held a public meeting, in October of 2012, for members of the Capreol Business Association, Capreol Community Action Network, and members of the Town at the Millenium Centre.  This proponent proposes to build a hydroelectric dam on the Vermilion River at Cedar Rapids.

To read an article, go to page 15 of  The Capreol Press – October 1, 2012 – No. 87.

The photos below are of the area that is proposed to be dammed – Cedar Rapids on the Vermilion River.

Wabagishik Rapids Generating Station – Environmental Report – ORA Part II Order request

Wabagishik Rapids, Vermilion River – Proposed Dam Site

Excerpt:  “This project has not been planned in an environmentally responsible manner, and has not fully taken into account the interests of local stakeholders and the public. Therefore, it is our position that for all the reasons noted herein, Xeneca has not fulfilled its requirements under the Class EA for Waterpower.”

Continue reading

Save Wabagishik Rapids – Vermilion River

Wabagishik Rapids is a beautiful 1 km stretch of rapids on the Vermilion River, about 1/2 hour west of Sudbury, Ontario.  A developer is proposing to build a modified run of river hydroelectric dam that would produce enough power to supply about 1,600 homes.  These types of dams have numerous negative impacts associated with them, and are very harmful to the riverine ecosystem.   Check out this film to find out more.

Full length film:

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Wabagishik Rapids, on the Vermilion River – Proposed Hydroelectric Project by Xeneca

This is the last in a series of 5 proposed modified run of river hydroelectric dams on the Vermilion River.

The proponent proposes to use all of Wabagishik Lake as its headpond, and intends to locate a 6 meter high dam 2/3rd of of the way down this beautiful 1 km stretch of rapids.  This would flood the upstream rapids into a headpond, and remove most of the flow from the downstream section for hours, and for days during the low flow seasons.

The zone of influence for this proposal is all of Wabagishik Lake, Wabagishik Rapids, and the remainder of the Vermilion, right out to its confluence with the Spanish River.

Vermilion River Stewardship is opposed to this proposal as it would be extremely damaging to the riverine ecosystem, water quality, water quantity, and the dam would be located right in the middle of a significant walleye spawning bed.  Ice conditions would be unstable, and swimming, fishing, boating and in-water recreation would be extremely dangerous within the zone of influence – which is about 20 km of Wabagishik Lake and Vermilion River.   Does this sound like green energy to you?

Capreol’s Potential Hydro Generation Project

This past week a company named WaterPower Group held a presentation for members of the Capreol Business Association, Capreol Community Action Network, and members of the Town at the Millenium Centre.  This group proposes to build a low head turbine dam on the Vermilion River near the rapids. Continue reading