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VICTORY!! Schedule 10 removed from Bill 66

We all had a HUGE VICTORY yesterday!!  “Thank you” for taking part in ORA’s campaign to Speak Out Against Schedule 10 of Bill 66.  The Ontario government reported that they will be removing Schedule 10 from Bill 66.   A BIG THANKS to you and many other people, organizations and municipalities that rallied together to speak out against this regressive Bill.

Schedule 10 would have enabled municipalities to simply pass an “open-for-business planning by-law” under the Planning Act, to exempt local development from the application of several key provincial laws, plans and policies.

There is still no word on Schedule 5, which is proposed to repeal the Toxics Reduction Act (TRA)but we will keep you in the loop.

You were successful in protecting our air, land, water, wildlife and communities.


Thanks to you and others like you we are able to continue our work to protect, conserve and restore Ontario rivers.  Your ongoing support matters!

In gratitude,

Linda Heron, Chair