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Where McGuinty could find room for compromise – A Paler Shade of Green

The Globe and Mail, 19 October 2011

Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals have put up a strong front since winning a minority government in the Oct. 6 election, and will continue to do so when the legislature returns next month.

But on occasion, Mr. McGuinty will seek common ground with the opposition parties, if only to show that he listened to voters who handed him a weakened mandate. And there are at least a few potential compromises lurking.

A Paler Shade of Green

Mr. McGuinty is not about to back away from green energy, after doubling down heading into the election. Still, having lost most of their rural seats in Eastern and Southwestern Ontario, the Liberals could be looking to change the impression they’ve been indifferent to communities’ concerns.

During the campaign, Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives promised to restore municipalities’ authority over wind-energy projects within their boundaries. The Liberals have long argued that taking that power away was the only way to avoid developments getting endlessly bogged down by local politics.

Since the election, there has been a softening in some Liberals’ tones on that front. Without returning full control to municipal councils, the government may find a way to give them more say.

Adam Radwanski

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