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William A. Allen – Xeneca Response – Ivanhoe River, The Chute

William A. Allen

9 First Ave., Box 85

Burk’s Falls, ON P0A 1C0

September 11, 2011


Vanesa Enskaitis

Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations

Xeneca Power Development

5255 Yonge Street, Suite 1200

North York, ON  M2N 6P4

Ref: (416) 590-9362 X104; E-mail

Dear Ms. Enskaitis (Letter #2 of 2 dated Sept. 11, 2011),

Thank you for your September 9, 2011 response to my letter of September 4, the second of two letters which I received from Xeneca on Friday evening, September 9. I have responded separately to Xeneca’s two September 9, 2011 letters to me which you sent at 5:51 P.M. and 7:20 P.M. Friday evening, September 9 and I am copying to Minister Wilkinson and others.

I note that you did not send Xeneca’s second September 9 letter of response to me until 7:20 P.M. on September 9. That timing was after the close of business hours including the close of the Post Office so Xeneca denied me the opportunity to include my reaction to its response before I sent my September 9, 2011 XpressPost letter to Minister Wilkinson and copied to you previously. As I explained in that letter to Minister Wilkinson, Friday afternoon, September 9 was the last possible time that Xpress Post mail leaving my home community would arrive at the Minister’s desk by Monday, September 12, the deadline for a request for a Part II Order. I find the timing of Xeneca’s response to my September 9 letter unhelpful for resolving identified issues by September 12 since I specifically asked to have such response from Xeneca in my hands by September 8.

There are some positive components in Xeneca’s second of two September 9, 2011 letters to me.
1. There is a civil tone in your response so that augers well for our future dialogue.

2. You have undertaken to pass some of my information to appropriate consultants, including my observation that full impacts of The Chute proposal are unknown. Unfortunately, those are process undertakings about work which should have been completed before a Notice of Completion was posted, before the undertakings are complete and before the full impacts of The Chute proposal are known. I am not satisfied with Xeneca’s September 9 response to me in this regard.

In my September 4 communication to Xeneca I noted that it was unhelpful to wait for over three weeks for response to any of my August 12 concerns and questions. I also asked specifically for Xeneca’s response to all of my concerns and questions by September 8. In your second September 9 letter to me you state that this was done. I beg to differ with you. Your letter was dated September 9 and was not sent until after office hours on September 9. Because Xeneca’s statement is inaccurate I ask you to withdraw your comment that Xeneca  honoured my request to provide me with a response by September 8.  I am not satisfied with Xeneca’s September 9 response to me in this regard.

Xeneca admits that parts of the EA remain incomplete but continues to assume that no change in direction in the proposal is required.  I am not satisfied with Xeneca’s September 9 response to me in this regard.

The net effect of Xeneca’s September 9, 2011 response to me in its second of two communications to me on that date is a lack of resolution of the matters which I have identified. Because Xeneca’s second letter of September 9 to me is not reassuring about any of the matters raised, I confirm my September 9 request to Minister Wilkinson for a Part II Order so that these unresolved matters can be addressed.

Yours sincerely,

Wm. A. Allen

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