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Wilson Falls Generating Station, Muskoka River

Wilson’s Falls Generating Station is a single-unit hydroelectric station located on the Muskoka River in Bracebridge, Ontario. The station was originally built in 1901. The station had an original installed capacity of 0.6 MW at a head of 13.1 metres.  Upgrade to 2.9 MW.

The headwork consisted of a concrete main dam with one sluice gate and a long weir. The concrete headpond dam had a sluice gate, a small log spill bay that contained the intake structure. The concrete intake was a gatehouse structure and was equipped with steel trashracks, where one steel penstock conveyed water to the brick powerhouse. Water from this facility is discharged into the Muskoka River at the base of Wilson’s Falls.

In 2012 the facility completed a series of upgrades, which have expanded the facility’s capacity to 2.9 MW.  Upgrades to the facility involved modifications to the headrace and tailrace, installation of a new penstock and transformer and construction of a new powerhouse. With significant technology advances in the past century, the renovated facility now boasts one (1) Norcan S-Type Hydraulic Turbine as well as one (1) SAB Horizon Brushless Synchronous Generator, which are controlled by a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix system.

The station is connected to Muskoka TS.

Location: Bracebridge, Ontario
River System: Muskoka River
Nameplate Capacity: 2.9 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 2.9 MW
Operator: Bracebridge Generation Ltd.
Technology: Hydroelectric
Turbines: (1) Norcan S-Type Hydaulic Turbine
Originally Built: 1901
Coordinate: 45° 3′ 44.8″ N, 79° 18′ 38.1″ W