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Xeneca Response to Currie – Ivanhoe River, The Chute Proposed Hydroelectric Dam

September 9, 2011:


17.  It is written in the EA time lines are tight. Why then did it go to press with so many studies not completed? Two years of data is not enough time to thoroughly examine the river and the effects these two dams will have. A 7 year spawning cycle for Lake Sturgeon for example would have been missed.

Xeneca Response: Our contract with the Province stipulates that the project must be online and connected to the grid within five years. The EA report is complete. Xeneca completed one season of study for the EA Report. This is all that is required to complete New Projects on managed waterways under the Class EA which is a 12- 18 month process. Xeneca has provided this study work and its results in the Class EA for review.

Xeneca in working with Federal Agencies has determined that additional data will be required for future Permits and Approvals and thus additional study work would be prudent. Therefore, a second year of data collection is underway.

18. In the EA, Xeneca is constantly pressing the MNR for permits but Xeneca has not been provided all pertinent information required to receive these permits.

Xeneca Response: This question is confusing and Xeneca requests clarification. Please define which permits Xeneca has requested outside of EA Report requirements. Xeneca has requested permits for EA Report which may have other applications thereafter in permitting and approvals process.
Ministerial letters issued by MNR in 2009 for FIT projects provides for cooperation from MNR to conduct studies which entails the issuance of permits.

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