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We work to protect, conserve and restore healthy river ecosystems

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We advocate for environmentally and socially sustainable development

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Healthy rivers are essential to our survival on this planet

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Healthy Rivers - Healthy Communities

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Who We Are

ORA is a not-for-profit grassroots organization with a strong focus on healthy riverine ecosystems. Healthy Rivers - Healthy Communities!


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Your financial support provides essential help that enables ORA to remain independent, and to carry out our mission to protect, conserve & restore riverine ecosystems.

Latest Blog Post

Fullarton Dam Environmental Assessment – Alternatives

Full dam decommissioning and watercourse restoration comply with the preferred management strategy and criteria in the following ways: Removes all dam safety deficiencies and public safety risks. Removes dam monitoring, maintenance and management responsibilities. Removes the risk of floodwaters backing up behind the dam and flooding stakeholders. Restores stream flow, reduces stream temperature and improves water quality. Increases stream resilience to a warming climate. Increases the extent of uninterrupted fish habitat. Converts a GHG emitter into a GHG sink. A healthy, free-flowing river provides for the perfect family outing on a beautiful sunny day.

Rivers at Risk

Many rivers across Ontario are currently at risk due to existing and proposed developments.

We are working to protect them for our present and future generations.

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